2010-NOVEMBER [in rain]

we are just back from tour !
we wants to thanks all the crazy people we met on that tour !
-in Bordeaux, all the heretic family [crew+friends/"customers"] ,
-everybody in Caen  aussitot mort, antoine,marc, sugar town, nico & others ! ],
-crazy guys and girls from Leuven & all people involved in the squat and especially niels ! + preying hands + people who made the catering
-in weert : luc & luuk from Doomsday and amazing people from Toner Low
-in rostock : our friend from Bad Luck and their crew and all the amazing stubnitz crew!
-in Berlin : thanks to all the people in scharni 38, amazing place, special thanks to chris! + people who made the catering
-in leipzig : our friends : Thomas + Haschke + Maria + people from the band and julie for the place to sleep.
-in freiburg, thanks to Daniel for finding the show, Armin and all the people we met in that crazy  "wagenburg", few people but evil show in front of fire and punk zombies ! EVIL !
-everybody in lausanne, trot, batata, unhaim, & all people from "l'espace autogéré" (the only way to love swisstzerland !) + people who made the catering

see ya !
stay punk, stay simple, stay evil !

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