"""please no more nuggets shop,just more dead cops ! """"

Report Slugfest :
2500 km in 2 days,xanax beer, one knife stolen by pigs,one night in their fucking bastard cage,400 euros Ransom to be free, fucking ridiculous little dutch cops.
"""please no more nuggets shop,just more dead cops ! """"
""Yesterday i was in your fucking dutch police cage, today i m eating a pizza in donostia -Euskadi motherfucker !"""

Anyway,thanks to the awesome SLUGFEST crew ["promoter";sound enginner,working men etc] and people who welcomed us & bands we shared stage with.

We found a new kind of "Food Not Bomb" on the highway, adress ARCHE "aire de francheville autoroute A 10 28810 Janville, food is for free ! (see below)

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