Hi !

Back from the FATALITAS TOUR !

HUGE THANKS to all the crazy people/friends we met on that fucking tour !
people in piraten bar, adm,aachen,wendland,rote flora,stubnitz,rozbrat,koepi,basta,liwi & lazy dog,kawiarna naukowa,epple house,la hache,carlolevy & la gueule noire.
Thanks to all the punk,skinhead,crusties,hyppies,mc's etc etc we met and shared some beers and so more !
thanks to all the people who made vegan food for us, who welcomed us in their house project, people who came to see us on stage with a special mention for the chomutov crew !

yes,Definitly, you,pirats and your pirats place are the last glimmer of hope for us !

we are back now, don't forget that you are welcome in our house "heretic club 58 rue du mirail!"



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