hi dudes,
Few gigs:
-22/12/2012 bordeaux@heretic club.
we are back at home 58! and play to celebrate the birthday of our friend for the famous GERALD-BOWL!
Aguirre will be on stage at 23h00 but be there before and after to support the others bands.
be there for the "end of the world's after party !"

27/12/2012 Pully@Porno diesel
-28/12/2012 Delemont@Sas
-29/12/2012 Biel@Schrottbar

January with friends for Monarch:
-25/01/2013 Bayonne/Euskadi
-26/01/2013 Zarautz/Euskadi@defenestre fest +Black panda etc...

We will go in studio in february to record 2 new songs for the split LP with the japanese GUEVNA [sludge with COFFINS members] on W.i.f.a.g.e.n.a rec, La Humanidad es la plaga & Boue records.

Aguirre will take the road again on april for a huge scandinavian - Europen tour with our bro from BAD LUCK RIDES ON WHEELS, if you are interested to book us, write here : aguirre_derzorngottes@hotmail.fr


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TAUL a dit…

Un grand moment que ce dernier concert à la maison... une fois n'est pas coutume vous nous avez prouvé que même ici l'humilité ne coûte pas cher, vous avez ouvert grand nos cerveau, merci pour ce nouveau morceau et toute cette haine...