back from scandinavian tour

hi dudes,

back from tour,
thanks to:
bad luck rides on wheels & people from rostock,Daniel killtown booking & ungdomshuset hospitality,Thomas,laure,talla & sonia and all people from leipzig conewitz,ronny wifagena,holger and all the awesome people from wendland,Michol & people in nancy,people from berlin & vanessa,boris in oslo & people at blitz,tuukan & people intampere,eve in helsinki,lahdon aika & people in riihimaki,crowskin,and all the people wet met and party/talk with !
still not loving police but still loving you friends !

next step is recording new songs for our split with japanese Guevnna,praticing and enjoying playing in an anonymous way in front of few pirates in crazy alternative place.

stay punk,stay honest...


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