We hope to see all of you in Copenhagen in May for Europes heaviest underground event of 2012!

"Heavy Days In Doomtown -a DIY celebration of all things slow and heavy" 

The whole event is organized by the DIY principles, which means that neither the organizers, the bands or the people who work at the fest are making any profit, and our main purpose besides having an amazing fest full of heavy music, is to promote the DIY principles to the genres who doesn’t usually organize this way.

Besides music, were inviting a bunch of great artists to come and make installations, visuals and more before and during the festival to make the expeirence of the fest visual as well as musical.

We hope to see all of you in Copenhagen in May for Europes heaviest underground event of 2012!

will be a 4 day event at 3 different venues in Copenhagen:
-a warmup show at the alternative venue Stengade, Stengade 18
-2 days of music, art, events and madness at the DIY activist driven social centre Ungdomshuset, Dortheavej 61
- a cooldown day in Copenhagens freetown Christiania with moviescreenings, accoustic outdoor shows and the final concert at Christianias finest rockclub Loppen. 




Hi there,
i m not able to tell you more about that gig, i don't remember nothing with my « xanax jim bean cocktail », just remember i fall asleep in a trash can behin the bar, life is hard sometimes.
Anyway, sometimes we have something to say, check the Aguirre's interview on the blog of our friend « jean » >>> http://johnnybemad.blogspot.fr
chti'billy !!!

17 APRIL 2012 - 
Aguirre will be back at home (58!) for the "OUTLAW HERETIC NIGHT"! 
We will open the gig for Bob Wayne & The Outlaw carnies (crazy country punk-ussa). 
Hope to see all our pirates friends to that gig in order to share beers, anger,love,pills and so more ! 
see you !



 Hi !

Back from the FATALITAS TOUR !

HUGE THANKS to all the crazy people/friends we met on that fucking tour !
people in piraten bar, adm,aachen,wendland,rote flora,stubnitz,rozbrat,koepi,basta,liwi & lazy dog,kawiarna naukowa,epple house,la hache,carlolevy & la gueule noire.
Thanks to all the punk,skinhead,crusties,hyppies,mc's etc etc we met and shared some beers and so more !
thanks to all the people who made vegan food for us, who welcomed us in their house project, people who came to see us on stage with a special mention for the chomutov crew !

yes,Definitly, you,pirats and your pirats place are the last glimmer of hope for us !

we are back now, don't forget that you are welcome in our house "heretic club 58 rue du mirail!"