hi !
Big thanks to fer en fer fest, thanks to julia & the zo prod crew & friends from poitiers... nice to have place & people like that in france.
Stay simple, stay punk and fuck the music industry and the wanna be scumbag « underground » scene with all their shit : booker, contract,promo pics,hospitality rider & more.
aguirre is still playing hatefull sludge and happy to meet honest,true & authentic people. 



les religions sement,aguirre trinque,santé!

 back in town, big thanks to:

-Malo in poitiers, thanks a lot man for your van, we won't forget it !
-poy, fred & people in l'étincelle,paul & julia too.
-Arnaud & people in Tours.
-Sophie & Glad stone fest crew

See you in 3 days in poitiers for the fer en fer fest, we promise you hell on earth !