hi dudes,
Few gigs:
-22/12/2012 bordeaux@heretic club.
we are back at home 58! and play to celebrate the birthday of our friend for the famous GERALD-BOWL!
Aguirre will be on stage at 23h00 but be there before and after to support the others bands.
be there for the "end of the world's after party !"

27/12/2012 Pully@Porno diesel
-28/12/2012 Delemont@Sas
-29/12/2012 Biel@Schrottbar

January with friends for Monarch:
-25/01/2013 Bayonne/Euskadi
-26/01/2013 Zarautz/Euskadi@defenestre fest +Black panda etc...

We will go in studio in february to record 2 new songs for the split LP with the japanese GUEVNA [sludge with COFFINS members] on W.i.f.a.g.e.n.a rec, La Humanidad es la plaga & Boue records.

Aguirre will take the road again on april for a huge scandinavian - Europen tour with our bro from BAD LUCK RIDES ON WHEELS, if you are interested to book us, write here : aguirre_derzorngottes@hotmail.fr